create htmltopdf with all formatting using php, create pdf file in php

how to create html to pdf with all formatting in php using htmltopdf?
how to create pdf file in php using htmltopdf?

Create pdf document from the formatted hrml code which is output of php code or create pdf file using html tables is more complicated and complex. when any php developer or php freelancer need to create pdf document as a reports of their projects based on the html data or simple text data then its really easy now a days!

All php programmer aware about the htmltopdf classes and fpdf classes, which is really good classes to generate the pdf file but when we integrate it with our documents then there is something which we need and not provide by this classes. generally its known as lacking in pdf library. In both classes all formating required to call functions of the class and we need to call the functions many time for all text formating in our page and its impact on the file execution time. now if you need to increase the features and the performance of the pdf file then you can use combination of both and its a mPDF. mPDF, Unicode-HTML Free PDF generator is generated by Ian Back based on the FPDF by Olivier PLATHEY and HTML2FPDF by Renato Coelho.

You can set header in pdf using php and custom set footer in pdf using php. so both header and footer set via php file. also you can do all formatting of text in mPDF.

Please find the classes of mPDF and if you are not able to find it or any configuration help required then you can contact me.