ASP syntax and use of asp tags

ASP syntax nad use of asp tags
when we are working with the ASP (Active Server Pages) then we have to know the syntax of ASP, ASP syntax is very easy to use and you can code anything as you wish.

if you know the html tags, php tags then its very easy to learn ASP tags, ASP tags are required when we do the dynamic code, ASP statement will be dynamic code and when we run this then its execute on the server. but we need to write all ASP code in the ASP tags. Below is the simple example of the ASP syntax.

Response.Write(“Hello World”);

In the above example <% is the start tag of ASP and %> is the close tag of the ASP. all the ASP statement wrote between the start and end tags of ASP.

basics of asp

what is ASP?

ASP is short name of Active Server Pages.

active server pages are used to build dynamic web-sites, you can also make dynamic web applications which is used as stand alone application. asp is provide the flexibility ad power which you need to create web-site or web application. using asp you can create simple web-site, CMS, content management system, e-commerce, shopping cart, job portal and web portal. when you use php then you need to use the javascript as the scripting language but aps provide facility to choose the scripting language. it means when you use asp then you can use JavaScript or VBScript.

now the question is how to run the asp page? when you are working with the window server on personal computer then you need to install the IIS server, IIS stand for Internet Information Server. in the Window XP, Windows 7 and Windows NT there is inbuilt server which is IIS, if you can not find it then you can easily install it by applying the following steps.

1) Open control panel
2) Click on the Add/Remove Program from the list
3) Now left click on the ‘Add/Remove Windows Components’ button then you can see the option provide by the window
4) Check the check box where you find Internet Information Services.
5) Click on next Button and follow the steps.
6) Once its finish then restart your computer and then you can start working on the ASP.