Instant photo sharing and send video from your gallery via new Facebook Messenger

Android Facebook Messenger apps updated on April 29, 2014. New apps have lots of new features which attract apps user to use it in their smartphone.

Facebook Messenger makes it very easier to send photos and voice messages as well send video from your gallery. One of the big feature is you can capture photo and send it directly to your contact person instantly. Instant photo sharing allows you to take photo with in the app and send it to you friends on Facebook.

Another good feature added is sending and receiving videos. Now, you can send video from your gallery, it’s very simple, just select video from your gallery and send it to you friends. Your friends receive video on Facebook messenger and play it with in that app. To use this feature you have to install Android 4.3 and above on your smartphone.

Instant photo sharing and send video from your gallery via new Facebook Messenger

Instant photo sharing and send video from your gallery via new Facebook Messenger

Some other features are chatting with groups, text your phone contacts even you are not Facebook friends. Recording voice message and send it easily. You can also make free calls to your friends even they are in other country. Share your location using Facebook Messenger, so people know when you are nearby. It’s give acknowledgement when people have seen your messages. You can search faster using this app.

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use nearby friends to share your exact location with all your friends, new feature nearby friends launch by Facebook


I hope that you aware about the Facebook and its share post, share status or share location in the news feed of Facebook page.

Facebook launch new service named nearby friends to share your exact location with all your friends. You had shared your location in the past on Facebook timeline which use your smartphone’s GPS system. GPS system is very good to identify your location but if you aware than that is share nearby popular location. I mean you were not able to share exact location, its share well known location nearby.

Facebook launch new service called Nearby Friends. Once you turn on the nearby service than facebook will show all the nearby friends on your location. No need to share or broadcast your location on the timeline. Using this new service you can see how many friends near your location.

Once you enable the nearby friends service in your facebook account than your friends can see where you are located. Its shows your exact location place like airport, train station, national park or any particular mall. Facebook launch this service because people use more popular location-based mobile dating apps.  Drawback of this feature is, by default your shared location is available for one hour only and its show all nearby friends who is in half mile radius only.

This feature is very useful to find your friends, you can share your location and your friends can see that where exactly you are. If you plan to share the cab or taxi than you can find your partner using this nearby service.  You can also share your location that you are near some game zone and want to play game but looking for friend or partner. Once you share your location than your friend can see that, and they will be there in few minutes. Parents can keep watch and tracked their children using this nearby friends service. There are lots of ways to use the technology but it’s depending on your requirement and use of feature.  If we talk regarding the privacy than this feature is not good, because others know where you are even you don’t want to share it.

Voice calls is the first new feature in whatsapp after Facebook buy it


Voice calls is the first new feature in whatsapp after Facebook buy it.


Everybody know that giant social networking company facebook have recently bought whatsapp, which is also biggest messaging service provider in the world. Whatsapp and facebook deal closed nearly $19 billion.

Recently, I knew from some sources that whatsapp will planning to launch the voice calls in the application. Once this feature added than this is count as a major new feature in whatsapp application after bought by facebook. Whatsapp have users in millions worldwide, and all the users get benefits of this new feature. If all goes well then whatsapp add this voice calls for their users as soon as possible, hopefully it will be done in this year.


Voice calls is the first new feature in whatsapp after Facebook buy it

Voice calls is the first new feature in whatsapp after Facebook buy it. (Image Source: Google).


Skype is the most popular service provider in the voice call and video call all over the world. There are many users who use skype to communicate with others worldwide. Once whatsapp launch this feature then people get option in the voice calls and they can use either skype or whatsapp, may be people can choose either skype or whatsapp depends on the voice calls clarity and services.

how to insert facebook comments in our webpage

Place comments section in your web-page same like facebook comments section
facebook comments plugins for our site

Recently i am working on the custom php projects for my client and he need to place facebook comment section in all web page. social networking site facebook provide the plugin through which we can place the same comments section in our own site, its looks and work same as we see on the facebook wall, for each URL we can place the comments section in our site. its also provide the width and height option which is valuable for custom programming. you can set facebook comments section width and facebook comment section height as per your requirement. Let me clear you guys that the height will not come in the pixel but its come in the number of comments we want to show. Below is the code which you need to set in your web-page.

Code 1
<div id="fb-root"></div>
<script>(function(d, s, id) {
  var js, fjs = d.getElementsByTagName(s)[0];
  if (d.getElementById(id)) return;
  js = d.createElement(s); = id;
  js.src = "//";
  fjs.parentNode.insertBefore(js, fjs);
}(document, 'script', 'facebook-jssdk'));</script>
Code 2
<div data-href="" data-num-posts="10" data-width="640"></div>

Here, Code 1 is common for all the pages which include the java script code and no need see anything just place it below thetag

In Code 2, data-href is the Page Link of your web-page where you want to place comment section and you need to set number in data-num-posts which will shows number of comments. I Hope this post make your work simpler. if you have any issue then you can contact php freelancer