Google launch driverless cars to California State in USA

Google will launch driverless cars in California State. First driverless cars will be shown on the street of California City. Google confirm that this car are self-driving cars and drive comfortably on the freeways. In the city there are lots of big challenges for Google’s driverless car, because there are lots of pedestrian, bicyclists and most challenging is blind zone.

Google launch driverless cars to California State in USA

Google launch driverless cars to California State in USA

Google says that new self-driving smart car can handle lots of urban situation but they are working to make car’s computer more batter to handle the walker, motorist which includes bikes and bicyclists and blind zone of the car.

Google X lab’s project director Chris Urmson said “We are growing more optimistic that we are heading toward an achievable goal a vehicle that operates fully without human intervention”.

Google will launch this driverless car for public in 2017. On initial stage google prefer that human drivers would be ready to take control of the driveless car when car computer is not able to control the situation. This driverless car will be awesome for long drive on freeways where you can read, eat, play a game on computer, watch movies or TV shows and sleep as well. Google says that one day car computer will work safer than human driver. Once this driverless smart car will launched that may be its reduce the accident made by human’s mistake.

Google and car makers working on this smart project for driverless car, where sensors fitted in this car give the 3D maps surrounding the car to the google software. Google software use this 3D map and detect the pedestrians, motorist including bikes and bicycles, moving vehicles and other objects like curbs, parked car, walk way and signs. Google software is also read signals, stop sign and school crossing guards.

Source: The Hindu
Image Source: The Hindu

Google, Apple announce plans to enter smart home market

The way you have been operating your home appliances, lights and security systems is set to change if bids by Google and Apple to enter the smart home business come to fruition. In a couple of weeks, be prepared to discover how you can automate various systems and appliances in your home.

According to credible reports, their is a planned takeover of Dropcam by Nest, a company that has been in the business of making thermostats. Nest is owned by Google Inc. After the deal, the Google-owned company will then venture into making cameras that enable you to stream footage from your home right into your car or other compatible devices. Its just early this year when Google bought Nest for a whooping sum of $ 3.2 billion.

Google and Apple announce plans to enter smart home market

Google and Apple announce plans to enter smart home market

Other than Google, Apple is another tech giant that is set to revolutionize home systems. If the reports by The Financial Times that the tech giant will be taking advantage of its Worldwide Developers Conference, to be held next week, to discuss its new smart home platform is anything to go by, then all you can expect is a whole new dimension of living.

The tech giant, it is reported, will be looking for ways of making users of its iPhones use their devices as remotes that enable them to control the security systems, lights as well as other household appliances. That means that you can monitor activities in your home round the clock even from the comfort of your office or offshore tour.

Whether or not these new technologies will come to pass is just a matter of time as there are also other companies rushing to have their footprints on the smart home business. Be sure to have your dream smart home once the plans by the two tech giants are successfully implemented.

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Google Hangouts plugin for Microsoft outlook has been released

Technology giant Google released Google Hangout plugin for Microsoft outlook users. Using this plugin, all the Microsoft outlook client users make a call or video chat with those users who use Google apps for business account. This feature is similar to Lync app of Microsoft.

Google Hangout is one of the most popular product of technology giant Google Inc. Using Google Hangout, you can do the text messaging, voice call and video call with your friends and relatives. Google Hangout has the option for group video calling as well.

Google Releases Hangouts Plugin for Microsoft Outlook

Google Releases Hangouts Plugin for Microsoft Outlook

Google Hangout plugin offer only call and video chats but this plugin does not offer the text messaging service in this app. You can schedule video chats in your calendar using this Google hangout plugin. Chrome box users also use this plugin for meetings organization that do not have Google apps for business. Google Hangout plugin create unique video call name in Microsoft outlook event, using this name other team member join the video call from a chrome box.

You need administrator privileges to install this plugin in your Microsoft outlook. Installation process is very simple and you can find it on Google support page. Please visit Support page if you have question like “How to install Google Hangout plugin in Microsoft outlook?” This plugin support only in Windows 7 and Windows 8 PCs. Regarding the Microsoft outlook version, this plugin is compatible with Microsoft outlook 2007 service pack 2 onwards.

Source: gadgets.ndtv
Image Source: gadgets.ndtv

Google Glass is available for everyone in USA and price of Google Glass is $1500 USD

Google Glass is available for all in US with price of $1500 USD. Google offered google glass with same price for one day during last month. Google Glass looks like as normal a sunglass which is come with tiny screen at right hand side, camera, frame, touch-sensitive panel and a battery.

Google Glass is available for everyone in USA and price of Google Glass is $1500 USD

Google Glass is available for everyone in USA and price of Google Glass is $1500 USD

Google Glass accept voice command, if you need to take picture than you say ”OK Glass – Take a picture” and glass will take a picture using the glass camera. There is much other function which could be performed using the voice commands.

You need invitation or referral from a friend to purchase this google glass up to now but now google offer this glass to everyone. All the people who are interested in this google glass can purchase it, but it is in limited quantity. First come first served is the policy by google because of the limited quantity. If you are interested to buy this new Google Glass than hurry up before google is out of stoke.

Please keep in mind that this google glass is in explorer program mode or we can say that beta version before you place the order. Google is working to improve hardware and software of existing google glass. Google is in planning to launch new consumer version of Google Glass with improved hardware and software in this year.

Current price of Google Glass is $1500 USD but when google launch new google glass with better hardware and software than may be the price is cheaper than this. Performance and feature of google glass is more visible when people give review on this. As Google Glass is totally new device with latest technology, people prefer to buy it after looking on the review of this device. If you are not in hurry than you could purchase more stable Google Glass in some less price compare to now later this year.

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Google launches Google Sheets app to create and edit spreadsheets with others from your iPhone and iPad users

Google, Inc launches Google Sheets app for all iOS devices like iPhone, iPod, and iPad. Now all iOS users can create, edit and manipulate spreadsheets with others from their iPhone, iPad and iPod.

Technology giant Google launched Google Docs and Google Sheets for all desktop users and people can share google docs and google sheets with other. All user who have access of google docs and google sheets can create, edit and manipulate spreadsheets online. This feature was not available for the iOS devices like iPhone and iPad.

Google launches Google Sheets app to create and edit spreadsheets with others from your iPhone and iPad users

Google launches Google Sheets app to create and edit spreadsheets with others from your iPhone and iPad users

Using new google sheets you can create new spreadsheet and share it with others. All the people who have access of that spreadsheet can open and edit it on the web or another device. When you share the spreadsheet with other than you and others can work on same spreadsheet on same time.

Google sheets not only useful to create and edit the spreadsheet but you can also format cells, sorting on columns and perform other operations as you can do it on normal spreadsheet. When you are working on spreadsheet, its save all your work automatically, no need to worry about saving file or not.

Google sheets app is available in all below languages.

1) English.
2) Arabic.
3) Catalan.
4) Chinese.
5) Croatian.
6) Czech.
7) Danish.
8) Dutch.
9) Finnish.
10) French.
11) German.
12) Greek.
13) Hebrew.
14) Hungarian.
15) Indonesian.
16) Italian.
17) Japanese.
18) Korean.
19) Latvian.
20) Lithuanian.
21) Malay.
22) Norwegian.
23) Polish.
24) Portuguese.
25) Romanian.
26) Russian.
27) Slovak.
28) Spanish.
29) Swedish.
30) Thai.
31) Turkish.
32) Ukrainian.
33) Vietnamese

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access all social networking account at one place

Now a day there are many social networking site and we have account in almost all networking site but in the fast life we have no time to open all social networking site and login, all networking site have login and then we can check the updates and messages. now its really good news and its reduce you work as well.

Google is the king of internet and its prove in this because google provide facility to access all your social networking account in gmail account and its really easy to configure. you just need to go in gmail settings, then select gadget tab and follow instruction. please keep in mind that if gadget tool is not enabled in you gmail account then first enable the gadget tools.

Now you can update the facebook status and wall, you can read the latest tweet and post tweet through one place, i hope this will connected you with people.

google consider site load time in the site ranking and search ranking criteria

Hello Guys, as you know that i am QA and we consider the site speed as well in site testing, last time when i am working on the manual website testing then site speed is very slow and i get idea that is it reflect on the google. so i search on the google and knew that google consider site load time in the site ranking and search ranking criteria, so if you site loading speed is low then improve site speed, which increase the site performance and as faster your site load its get good ranking in google. i also read that google mention that they consider the site speed and they provide special tools in webmaster tools and using that you can check the speed and performance of your website.