MP4 404 file not found, even the file is already exist on location


are you facing MP4 404 file not found issue, even the file is already exist on location?

Recently, I am working with one of my project, where i called one MP4 vedio file in flash. basically its a webpage with the flash movie clips and then flash calling the .MP4 vedio file. when its not loading in flash file then i see that its give a 404 file or directory not found error in the http response. I check the path and its perfact, i mean there is a file on the same location, I thought that might be the file is currupt, so i replaced that file but not any improvement and its show me same 404 File not found error.

As its working fine in my local server but not working on the production server. I think that its a directory permissions issue because we do not want to set the permission in local server. I checked the file and folder permission and its configured correctly. Then i start to look on the server configuration and found that, Same web page is working on local server because it is apache server but its not working on the production server because its IIS server. And IIS threw 404 File not found error even if i open directly in browser. So this issue on an IIS server or we can say that its a IIS specific issue.

Now, i try something specific to .MP4 format and knew that .MP4 extension is not a native MIME Type in all windows server, which will be any version of IIS server. we need to add this extension manually in IIS server. I fixed it after adding this extension in the IIS, you can add any other extension which is not supported using the same way. To add the extension follow the below steps.

1) Open IIS Manager
2) Select your server and from the Features View open MIME Types
3) There is a add option at the right side, click on it
4) There is a File name extension: field, add the extension name which you want to add.
5) Next filed is MIME type: field, this is depends on the extension, so add it as per your extension.

Note : In my case File name extension is .MP4 and MIME Type is video/mp4.

Thats it, you did it.