text formatting is not working in joomla

text formatting is not working in joomla

joomla text formatting not working in the front-end

when you are working with the Joomla open source and create the article which will display the content in the front-end part of the web-site. some times you format the text like bold, italic, underline or change the color and format the text in the text editor provide by the Joomla text editor.  but when you looking the same article from the front-end page then its not display the text as you format in the administrator control panel of Joomla.  Don’t worry i have solution of this issue and its very easy, just follow below steps and you can format your text using the text editor and resolve the text editor issue.

1) Open Folder where you install the Joomla Open Source.
2) Now Open components Folder and then select com_content folder from all given folders.
3) There is View Folder in which you find the article folder and in the article folder you get the tmpl folder which include the template files.
4) Open Default.php file from the tmpl folder.
6) Search <?php echo strip_tags($this->item->introtext); ?> text and replace it with <?php echo $this->item->introtext; ?>

Now when you look the web-page then you get the text which is formated.

Change joomla administrator language

In the joomla when you install its asking for the language selection but even you select different language the administrator will be come in english language, if you want to change the administrator language for joomla then you need to follow below steps:

1) Download ar-AA_joomla_lang_full_2.5.1v3.zip file
2) Go to Extension from the top menu
3) Select Extension Manager
4) In Upload Package File, select the file and then press upload & install
5) Again go to Extension from the top menu and select Language Manager
6) Installed – Site and Installed – Administrator two option is there where Installed – Site is for front-end and Installed – Administrator is for admin panel
7) Select the language as per your choice from the list and press on Default at the top right side.

that it. you did it mate, congrats

Fatal error: String functions are overloaded by mbstring in joomla

When you install the joomla in different language and get error like Fatal error:  String functions are overloaded by mbstring in directory path.
Normally when you install the joomla in different language then this error will come.

on many site you find that please put the below code in .htaccess file

php_value mbstring.language neutral
php_value mbstring.internal_encoding UTF-8
php_value mbstring.encoding_translation 1
php_value mbstring.http_input UTF-8
php_value mbstring.http_output UTF-8
php_value mbstring.func_overload 0

But this will not work because AllowOverride was now working with the htaccess, if you are using the local server then you need to open the php.ini file and search mbstring.func_overload in that file, set the value as 0(zero)

save the file and close it then restart the server and continue your installation, its work fine.

if you face this issue on WHM server then follow below steps.

After logged in to control panel, look at the left side, there is one textbox to search, write php in that text box, then its show below two option

1) Configure PHP and SuExec
2) PHP Configuration Editor

Click on the second option and on the next page select advance mode

now in directive column find     mbstring.func_overload and look on the right side there is one text box, set 0(zero) in that and save it.

Your error will be resolved, enjoy………….

What is joomla?

Joomla is a open source content management system (CMS), which is used to build Web sites and online shopping-cart and any type of web- applications. Joomla is one of the best open-source projects which is available free on the joomla.org. group of developers consistently work on joomla and make it more efficient and useful for all kinds of application.

How to install joomla?

Once you download it from the joomla.org, its easy to install on your web-server. if you did not purchase the domain name and hosting for your web-site and you want to know that hows your site looks like in the joomla then you can install joomla on the demo site, in fact joomla provide the demo installation on its own server where you can set your real data and test it.

Once you download joomla then unzip that file on the local pc, later on upload all files on the server, once uploading is finished then open your domain. when you open your domain its checking the system requirement on your server and if all is well then installation start, later on its asking for the database details to create the database, also it will ask for FTP(FTP stands for File Transfer Protocol), if you set FTP then its fine else its continue with out the FTP details. once all the installation is finished, its give message to remove the installation directory.

That it, now you can access the administrative panel to set the data and the site is fetch that data.