The release dates of Microsoft Surface Pro 3 tablet will vary

Reports are rife that the release dates for the much anticipated Microsoft Surface Pro 3 tablet might be varying. If you’ve been thinking of how to dispose your current tablet in order to give the Microsoft Surface Pro 3 a try, you have to wait a little bit longer than you expected. However, if you are among those people who have been longing for its release, there is a quick heads up if you already want to order one. You can pre order this new tablet now though you must be patient enough until June when it finally arrive in your home. That might not sound pleasant but that is the news you can be sure to bet on.

The release dates of Microsoft Surface Pro 3 tablet will vary

The release dates of Microsoft Surface Pro 3 tablet will vary

Fortunately, Microsoft is not in the habit of keeping consumers in dark when it comes to the release date of a highly awaited device such as the Microsoft Surface Pro 3. If you haven’t been following updates, we can safely confirm that those consumers that have already pre ordered their Surface Pro 3 tablets will be receiving their orders on 20th June, which will be on Friday.

The news of the variance of the release dates of the different Surface Pro 3 models have been confirmed by the tablet maker, Microsoft Inc, on their listings that you can view online. What you might find quite sneaky is the fact that the releases dates for the Surface Pro 3 will vary depending on the model you opt for.

If you want to receive your tablet earliest by June 20th, be sure to order the 128GB Surface Pro 3 with Intel i5 graphics

However, for consumers that will prefer ordering the cheapest Surface Pro 3 model which is the 64GB

Intel i3 configuration –they will have to wait until August to receive their orders. If you order other Surface Pro 3 models, be sure to get different shipping dates.

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Google Hangouts plugin for Microsoft outlook has been released

Technology giant Google released Google Hangout plugin for Microsoft outlook users. Using this plugin, all the Microsoft outlook client users make a call or video chat with those users who use Google apps for business account. This feature is similar to Lync app of Microsoft.

Google Hangout is one of the most popular product of technology giant Google Inc. Using Google Hangout, you can do the text messaging, voice call and video call with your friends and relatives. Google Hangout has the option for group video calling as well.

Google Releases Hangouts Plugin for Microsoft Outlook

Google Releases Hangouts Plugin for Microsoft Outlook

Google Hangout plugin offer only call and video chats but this plugin does not offer the text messaging service in this app. You can schedule video chats in your calendar using this Google hangout plugin. Chrome box users also use this plugin for meetings organization that do not have Google apps for business. Google Hangout plugin create unique video call name in Microsoft outlook event, using this name other team member join the video call from a chrome box.

You need administrator privileges to install this plugin in your Microsoft outlook. Installation process is very simple and you can find it on Google support page. Please visit Support page if you have question like “How to install Google Hangout plugin in Microsoft outlook?” This plugin support only in Windows 7 and Windows 8 PCs. Regarding the Microsoft outlook version, this plugin is compatible with Microsoft outlook 2007 service pack 2 onwards.

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