Creating Search Engine Friendly URLs In PHP

What is Search Engine Friendly URLs?
What is SEO Friendly URL?

When we user sever side scripting language like php, asp, jsp or, our final goal behind that is that is to bring the dynamic content from the database, if we make static site then its take too much time and its difficult to manage it, even its cost us more because company charge on pages. to avoid all this we use dynamic sites but most of the programmers are not aware on the SEO friendly URL.

When programmer make the navigation for the dynamic site its more important that he/she can make the URL which is seo friendly. if you make a link like

Above URL is not seo friendly, PHP Developer made this because when we get second record from the database then just change the value of id, like if=USA.  pro-grammatically its correct and its run perfect but when google spider come on you site then its not give as much priority as its give on below URL.

Above both URL are SEO friendly url and when Google spider cowl on your site then you get more priority then previous URL. so please keep in mind and always use SEO Friendly URLs.