Why You Can’t Succeed with Generic Website Hosting

The website hosting package you’re paying for is of critical importance. Although it seems like one of those behind-the-scenes factors that don’t make much of a difference, your choice of host actually affects the success of your eCommerce website.

Handling Traffic
One of the big things about eCommerce websites is that they’re often subject to high numbers of visitors. Although you probably aren’t flooded with consumers most of the time, you can expect big spikes during sales, after popular viral video promotions or even just as a result of sending out an email campaign. This can mean trouble.

As anyone who has been around web technology for long enough knows, many website hosts have a big problem with handling sudden visitor increases. Websites being visited by many people at once often experience a number of critical problems and errors, including:

  • Major loading speed decreases for images, streaming videos, file downloads and even basic page text
  • Operational glitches like the loss of filled-in form data
  • Site not found errors or complete failures to load

These problems make your website harder for people to use, often scaring them away permanently. They also make you look bad. In the end, you’d be better off with a hosting service that can handle visitor fluctuations, even if you don’t expect them.

The Problems with Generic Hosts
Many generic webhosts are just not wired up to handle visitor overflows. In addition, they fail to provide many of the extra features that you absolutely can’t get by without.

As a business, you handle a lot of sensitive data. Although there are times when your consumers will buy your products through auction sites and other external portals that take care of transmission security for you, you can’t succeed and avoid data handling at the same time.

Sooner or later, you’re going to have to store, retrieve and transmit private credit card, address or identification info. Generic web hosting services often fail to monitor your servers for the telltale signs that this data has been stolen or illegally accessed.

Generic hosts also fail when it comes to business data gathering. At a minimum, you need to know when people visit your site, how long they stayed, what they clicked on and whether or not they made purchases. Most generic hosts only go so far as to let you know how many visitors you got per month. for a business owner looking to improve their operating model, this is clearly insufficient.

What Sort of Things Should Your Website Hosting Provide?
A business web hosting service needs to go above and beyond to meet your needs. They need to provide you with consistent support in addition to security monitoring, because you never know when your site will have issues. They ought to use known technologies and software standards so you can assure your customers of your trustworthiness. Above all, it is critical that they can easily devote more shared server computing power to your site in case you experience high volume traffic.

Basically, you need to look for a website hosting service that keeps you in control and has experience working with firms. Hosting services that understand the difference in importance between your company’s eCommerce website and someone’s personal blog are the only reliable sources of web space for discerning professionals and the firms they represent.