format php messy code using PHP Beautifier

you want to formatting messy php code?

When we are working with the php then we need to print some array result and echo some value to check that output come proper or not, also when we debug the error we print many data on the page and then we comment it. all php programmer will comment that line which they use for debug the error and its really bad habit of all php developer. this way we make messy code and we do not format the code as we format in html, actually we are not format html code as well if Dreamweaver do not provide the code formatting option, when we use code formatting command of Dreamweaver then its format only html code but its not format php code. one day i get idea as we have js beautifier there should be php beautifier as well, so i search it and i get solution as well, below is the link which is work same as js beautifier.

PHP Beautifier Direct Link :

its in the beta version but excellent service, you can not believe it, when i use it, i am very happy so i share it with you guys.

PHP Beautifier Features are as below:


1 ) Remove all comments

2 ) Remove empty lines

3 ) Align assignments statements nicely

4 ) Put a comment with the condition after if, while, for, foreach, declare and catch statements


5 ) Remove lines with just a semicolon (;)

6 ) Make normal comments (//) from perl comments (#)

7 ) Make long opening tag (


8 ) Space inside brackets – ( )

9 ) Space inside empty brackets – ( )

10 ) Space inside block brackets – [ ]

11 ) Space inside empty block brackets – [ ]

I am sure that you like it.

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