Delhi Traffic Police launched Android Mobile Application for Android Smart Phone Users

Delhi Traffic Police launched Android Mobile Application for Android Smart Phone Users. All Android Mobile Application users can download it from Google Play Store at free of cost. Delhi Traffic Police also updated their web-site to make it more attractive design and user’s friendly.

Android Mobile Application for Delhi Traffic Police

Android App for Delhi Traffic Police

Delhi Traffic Police Android Mobile Application

Delhi Traffic Police Android App

Delhi Traffic Police used digital technology and launch Android Mobile Application for all android users. Using this application people can access traffic alerts and advisories information issued by Delhi Traffic Police. Smart user calculates distance and fare while they use taxi, radio cab and auto-rickshaw.

People can register complaints against taxi and auto-rickshaw drivers if they do any harassment or misbehavior. You can easily calculate the fare charges and shortest distance using this Android Mobile Application and Delhi Traffic Police Web-site. If you are new in the city and any Taxi and Auto-rickshaw overcharging than you register complaint against them using Android Mobile Application. Using this application you can access list of all emergency numbers which is helpful in emergency situation.

Delhi Police Commissioner B.S. Bassi said “This is a step to make people’s life easier” during the time of Android Mobile Application launched. Information about water-logged areas and accidental zones is also available in this application. This app is available for android users only, iOS and Windows user have to wait up to the time DTP launch application for them. We expect that DTP launch app for iOS and Windows users soon, so all iPhone and iPad users take advantage of this app.

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Image Source: Goolge Play Store

Samsung Gear Solo Smartwatch with sim card slot

Samsung released new Gear Solo smartwatch with sim card slot. All previous smartwatch model of samsung required smartphone to operate it. New Samsung Gear Solo smartwatch will come with embedded SIM and network receiver. Samsung Gear Solo smartwatch will work even its not connected to smartphone, a standalone smartwatch.

Samsung launched Gear 2 and Gear 2 Neo smartwatch during MWC. Gear 2 smartwatch make a call when it’s connected with smartphone. Gear Solo could be a standalone smartwatch reported by Korean herald last month. As per the import listing appear on Zauba, its confirmed that Gear Solo smartwatch will work as standalone and have a SIM card slot.

samsung smartwatch gear solo with sim card slot

samsung smartwatch gear solo with sim card slot

Samsung give and apple have tough competition in smartphone and smartwatch. Now samsung smartwatch will be available with embedded SIM and because of that users will be able to call even it is not connected with the smartphone. Only drawback with this smartwatch is that it will work with samsung devices only but embedded SIM could allow user to call even it is not connected with the smartphone is major advantage and its hide the disadvantage that it will work with samsung devices only.

All Samsung smartwatchs are compatible with all samsung smartphones and tablets. Below list of Samsung devices which is compatible with Samsung Galaxy Gear 2.

1) Galaxy S5.
2) Galaxy Grand 2.
3) Galaxy Note 3.
4) Galaxy Note 3 Neo.
5) Galaxy Note 2.
6) Galaxy S4.
7) Galaxy S3.
8) Galaxy S4 Zoom.
9) Galaxy S4 Active.
10) Galaxy S4 mini.
11) Galaxy Mega 6.3.
12) Galaxy Mega 5.8.
13) Galaxy Note 10.1 (2014 Edition).
14) Galaxy NotePRO (12.2) and the Galaxy TabPRO (12.2/10.1/8.4).

Source: deccanchronicle, maktechblog and tech.firstpost
Image Source: maktechblog

SanDisk launched 128GB microSD card for removable storage option

SanDisk launched highest removable storage option 128GB microSD card for smartphones and tablets. 128GB microSD card is highest capacity in removable storage cards. SanDisk new 128GB ultra microSDXC UHS-1 memory card will be available from this month for Rs. 9,999 in India. This card is known as World’s largest capacity storage microSD card because any other microSD card is not able to store 128GB data.

SanDisk is one of the major manufacturing companies of microSD cards which are useful to extend memory in all smartphone and tablets. Most of all smartphone and tablet users use microSD card as an external storage in their devices but they are not able to store all data in one card. So some user use multiple SD cards to store data. When people use multiple SD cards to store data they need to replace the card in their devices.

SanDisk launched 128GB microSD card

SanDisk launched 128GB microSD card

SanDisk new 128GB ultra microSDXC UHS-1 memory card is world’s largest capacity microSD card in removable storage options. This card is specially designed for android smartphone and tablets. Smartphone user can shoot photos with high quality pictures and HD video recording with full length. When you record HD video than it’s consume more storage space and because of that you can record limited length video but now you can shoot full length of video using this new 128GB ultra microSDXC UHS-1 memory card.

New 128GB ultra microSDXC UHS-1 memory card is faster than other microSD cards, almost double the read and write speed in this card. SanDisk Memory Zone App is available on Google Play store, using this app you can easily take backup of your phone’s memory and make that memory free for OS use which will increase your phone’s performance. There is one new feature in this SanDisk Memory Zone App, which automatically transfer your old photos and videos to microSD card from your phone’s internal memory. This feature is useful to keep your internal memory free as well as hassle to transfer photos and videos.

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Image Source: TelecomTiger

PaperFold a Foldable smartphone with multiple display and change shape of display as well

Foldable smartphone called PaperFold developed by professor Roel Vertegaal and Student Antonia from Queen’s university in Canada. They released this technology in ACM CHI 2014 conference at Toronto, Canada. This smartphone device have three touchscreens disaply and you can change the shape of the each screen as you see in the below image.

PaperFold a Foldable smartphone

PaperFold a Foldable smartphone

In Foldable smartphone, each display work separate system or a part of single system. Smartphone user can change the shape of each display and set it as per their requirement. Open and fold flexible display provide wide screen to work on big screen compare to all other smartphone. Each display has touchscreen in PaperFold a foldable smartphone which will be more useful to organize the screen. Foldable smartphone provide extra screen to the user when needed and if not required than user can fold it and make it small screen.

“In PaperFold, each display tile can act independently or as part of a single system,” says Vertegaal, Director of the Human Media Lab. “It allows multiple device form factors, providing support for mobile tasks that require large screen real estate or keyboards on demand, while retaining an ultra-compact, ultra-thin and lightweight form factor.”

All touchscreen smartphone give flexibility of scrolling and zooming of the screen to read any part of the display screen. Same way PaperFold, foldable smartphone automatically recognizes its display shape and graphics to provide all functionality when you changes the shape of your display.

As the name PaperFold, PaperFold smartphone developed on the folding technique and fold it as we fold the paper. We can fold and change view of the each display in this smartphone gives us more flexibility to use our smartphone in each segment.

Source: Bangalore Mirror
Image Source: Bangalore Mirror

Internet Explorer issue fixed by Microsoft, please update your IE to fix security issues

We all know that there is big security issue in Microsoft Internet Explorer since last few days. UK and USA security agencies advise to all people that there is a security issue in Microsoft Internet Explorer. Microsoft also advice to people not to use internet explorer up to the time they fix this security issue.

Today, Microsoft released an update to address the zero day vulnerability for all version of internet explorer. Microsoft took this IE security issue very seriously and working hard on this serious security issue. Today, Microsoft released updates which you need to run to secure your IE. If your automatically updates for window is on than it will update automatically because Microsoft keep this update in High-Priority updates.

Internet Explorer issue fixed by Microsoft

Internet Explorer issue fixed by Microsoft

Microsoft advice people to update their internet explorer and make their browser secure. They also release IE update for windows XP users. As Microsoft stop support for windows XP and force people to upgrade from windows XP to windows 7 or windows XP to windows 8. This IE security issue is a major issue for all windows user and because of that Microsoft release IE update for windows XP user as well.

As you look in image, KB2964358 security updates for internet explorer 8 for windows XP users. For all windows 7 users have to install KB2929437 update before they update for IE, otherwise IE will crash. Best way is to enable your automatic windows update, and your internet explorer will be updated automatically. Follow the instruction in KB2964358 to install it manually.

Source and Image: zdnet

Google launches Google Sheets app to create and edit spreadsheets with others from your iPhone and iPad users

Google, Inc launches Google Sheets app for all iOS devices like iPhone, iPod, and iPad. Now all iOS users can create, edit and manipulate spreadsheets with others from their iPhone, iPad and iPod.

Technology giant Google launched Google Docs and Google Sheets for all desktop users and people can share google docs and google sheets with other. All user who have access of google docs and google sheets can create, edit and manipulate spreadsheets online. This feature was not available for the iOS devices like iPhone and iPad.

Google launches Google Sheets app to create and edit spreadsheets with others from your iPhone and iPad users

Google launches Google Sheets app to create and edit spreadsheets with others from your iPhone and iPad users

Using new google sheets you can create new spreadsheet and share it with others. All the people who have access of that spreadsheet can open and edit it on the web or another device. When you share the spreadsheet with other than you and others can work on same spreadsheet on same time.

Google sheets not only useful to create and edit the spreadsheet but you can also format cells, sorting on columns and perform other operations as you can do it on normal spreadsheet. When you are working on spreadsheet, its save all your work automatically, no need to worry about saving file or not.

Google sheets app is available in all below languages.

1) English.
2) Arabic.
3) Catalan.
4) Chinese.
5) Croatian.
6) Czech.
7) Danish.
8) Dutch.
9) Finnish.
10) French.
11) German.
12) Greek.
13) Hebrew.
14) Hungarian.
15) Indonesian.
16) Italian.
17) Japanese.
18) Korean.
19) Latvian.
20) Lithuanian.
21) Malay.
22) Norwegian.
23) Polish.
24) Portuguese.
25) Romanian.
26) Russian.
27) Slovak.
28) Spanish.
29) Swedish.
30) Thai.
31) Turkish.
32) Ukrainian.
33) Vietnamese

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Image Source: Apple iTunes Store

Instant photo sharing and send video from your gallery via new Facebook Messenger

Android Facebook Messenger apps updated on April 29, 2014. New apps have lots of new features which attract apps user to use it in their smartphone.

Facebook Messenger makes it very easier to send photos and voice messages as well send video from your gallery. One of the big feature is you can capture photo and send it directly to your contact person instantly. Instant photo sharing allows you to take photo with in the app and send it to you friends on Facebook.

Another good feature added is sending and receiving videos. Now, you can send video from your gallery, it’s very simple, just select video from your gallery and send it to you friends. Your friends receive video on Facebook messenger and play it with in that app. To use this feature you have to install Android 4.3 and above on your smartphone.

Instant photo sharing and send video from your gallery via new Facebook Messenger

Instant photo sharing and send video from your gallery via new Facebook Messenger

Some other features are chatting with groups, text your phone contacts even you are not Facebook friends. Recording voice message and send it easily. You can also make free calls to your friends even they are in other country. Share your location using Facebook Messenger, so people know when you are nearby. It’s give acknowledgement when people have seen your messages. You can search faster using this app.

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Image Source: Google

how to enable mod_rewrite on iis server for php pages

Recently, I am working with one project which is hosted on the windows IIS server. I used .htaccess for URL rewrite rules for SEO(Search Engine Optimization) purpose.

I see that its not working on the IIS while it is working perfect on my local apache server. I see that may be URL Rewrite module may not be installed on the IIS server.

After looking on the IIS configuration, I knew that URL Rewrite module is installed but its not working similar to apache mod_rewrite. I need to enable mod_rewrite on IIS server same way its works in Apache server. After spending lots of time, I found the solution for this.

I will show you simple way using that you can get similar functionality like Apache on IIS Server.

You need to create web.config file in your root directory using below code.

Your web.config file code to test:

	<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
					<clear />
					<rule name="Redirect to" stopProcessing="true">
						<match url="^google$" />
						<action type="Redirect" url="" appendQueryString="false" />

Once you did this than its time to test that its working or not?
To test try to open in browser where is your website’s domain name. If you are redirected to website means your URL rewrite module installed and working same like apache mod_rewrite.

This is just to check that Microsoft URL Rewrite module installed on your IIS server or not, if its installed than change your web.config file with below code:

Your final web.config file code:

	<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
			<rule name="Security Rule" stopProcessing="true">
			  <match url="^(.*)$" ignoreCase="false" />
			  <conditions logicalGrouping="MatchAny">
				<add input="{QUERY_STRING}" pattern="mosConfig_[a-zA-Z_]{1,21}(=|\%3D)" ignoreCase="false" />
				<add input="{QUERY_STRING}" pattern="base64_encode.*\(.*\)" ignoreCase="false" />
				<add input="{QUERY_STRING}" pattern="(\&lt;|%3C).*script.*(\>|%3E)" />
				<add input="{QUERY_STRING}" pattern="GLOBALS(=|\[|\%[0-9A-Z]{0,2})" ignoreCase="false" />
				<add input="{QUERY_STRING}" pattern="_REQUEST(=|\[|\%[0-9A-Z]{0,2})" ignoreCase="false" />
			  <action type="CustomResponse" url="index.php" statusCode="403" statusReason="Forbidden" statusDescription="Forbidden" />
			<rule name="SEO Rule">
			  <match url="(.*)" ignoreCase="false" />
			  <conditions logicalGrouping="MatchAll">
				<add input="{REQUEST_FILENAME}" matchType="IsFile" negate="true" pattern="" ignoreCase="false" />
				<add input="{REQUEST_FILENAME}" matchType="IsDirectory" negate="true" pattern="" ignoreCase="false" />
				<add input="{URL}" negate="true" pattern="^/index.php" ignoreCase="false" />
				<add input="{URL}" pattern="(/|\.php|\.html|\.htm|\.feed|\.pdf|\.raw|/[^.]*)$" />
			  <action type="Rewrite" url="index.php" />

if you get Cakephp : 404 – File or directory not found error on the windows server than please check Microsoft URL Rewrite module installed on your IIS server or not? If not than you need to enable mod_rewrite on iis server to run your cakephp project.

Group video calling is now free on Skype, skype offer a free group video calling to all

Skype group video calling service is available at free of cost to all registered users. Lots of people use Skype for instant messaging, voice chat and video calling with their friends, relatives and family members. Skype allows all users to communicate instant messaging and voice chat in group as well as video calling at free of cost but it was not offered group video calling free. In January 2011, when group video calling launched by Skype, this service is premium service and it’s offered around $4.99/ day and $8.99/month.

Group video calling is now free on Skype

Group video calling is now free on Skype

Skype offered group video calling service free of charge to all registered Skype users. All user can do group video calling free of cost. Skype allows 25 people in group voice chat and 10 people in group video calling via your Macs and PCs.

Skype was launched in 2003 by Niklas Zennstrom and Janus Friis from Sweden and Denmark. In 2007 e-commerce Company eBay Inc. acquire Skype in $2.5 billion USD. Microsoft Corporation acquired skype in $8.5 billion USD on 10th May 2011.

Why Skype offered free group video calling service?

Skype offered free video calling in group because of the tough competition. Google’s hangouts offer free group video calling. Cisco’s webex also offer free group video calling to all registered users. Facebook and WhatsApp offer free instant messaging in group. All this competitors may force Skype to offer group video calling service at free of charge.

Now, you can use group video calling service at free of charge. Create groups and start video calling in group with your friends, family members and your relatives. Keep in mind that Skype allowed maximum 10 members in video calling.

How to save battery life of your smartphone like iPhone and Samsung galaxy

All the smartphone users facing with the issue of their smartphones life, this is not how long your battery need replacement but how long your battery life between charges. When you use smartphone then there is lots of application and function running, which is major issue of battery, discharged early compare to all other non-smart phone.

save battery life of your smartphone

save battery life of your smartphone

There are few ways which will be useful to make your smartphone’s battery life longer compare to normal use of your smartphone.

One of the major battery consumption is brightness of your smartphone screen, if you turn down the brightness of your smartphone screen than it’s helpful to save battery life, also set the setting to turn off your screen if ideal for 30 seconds.

Use wi-fi when available rather than cellular data plan. Also turn off your radio, music player, GPS, Bluetooth when not in use. Turn off your notification of alerts and updates, smartphone pings mail server for new messages periodically for notification which will consume your battery life. You can pull all your mails when you need to read it.

Update your smartphone software when available because development team works on bug fix and power management. Keep setting of your software updated automatically in your smartphone settings. Keep your phone in room temperatures. Sometime people keep their phone on car desk or top of the appliance whose surface is hot. Always keep your phone in room temperatures.

Your smartphone will lose battery life faster when you using some application like playing game, listening music while surfacing, watching movies or video. All this application consumes more battery than other application. When you are not using your apps than make sure you closed it, otherwise that application will be running in the background and consume your battery. Always closed open application after use it and lock your phone when not in use.

Apply All the above tips and you can see that your smartphone save battery life longer than before.

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