site compatible with iphone, ipad, Blackberry phone, iPodTouch, Android phone

website compatibility with iphone, ipad, Blackberry phone, iPodTouch, Android phone

When you are working with the custom php code than you can set the compatibility with iphone, ipad, blackberry phone, android phone and ipodtouch. but when you are working with the wordpress then its really difficult to set the compatibility for all phones browser, we have two option for this either we make two different blog for website and phone application. but now no need to make two different blog, there is one plugin which is manage it and if its open in the phone then make the site compatible to the phone application.

WPTouch plugin is the best wordpress plugin which is identify that website open in the computer browser or in the phone browser, also able to find the phone device and apply the theme which is compatible to that device. i waste one day behind this and then i get this plugin which is really excellent plugin and display all content in well format in phone device.

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