how to change menu in ajax chat module

There is ready made module named ajax chat which is free download from the internet, i used that software and i need some changes in that, if you logged in that chat module then you will see that there is menu with below options

List online users
List ignored users
List available channels
Describe action
Roll dice
Change username
Enter private room

if you want to change the label text for above menu then you can change it. first go to the folder installedfolder/lib/lang/, here you will find the 35 language files. as per your language setting choose appropriate file. open that file and then you will see the lang array, you can change any label from that file.

if you want to remove any item from the menu then you need to go installedfolder/js/chat.js, in this file find the below code as per my knowledge its on line 1114.

menu = '<li><a href="javascript:ajaxChat.sendMessageWrapper(\'/quit\');">'
        + this.lang['userMenuLogout']
        + '</a></li>'
        + '<li><a href="javascript:ajaxChat.sendMessageWrapper(\'/who\');">'
        + this.lang['userMenuWho']
        + '</a></li>'
        + '<li><a href="javascript:ajaxChat.sendMessageWrapper(\'/ignore\');">'
        + this.lang['userMenuIgnoreList']
        + '</a></li>'
        + '<li><a href="javascript:ajaxChat.sendMessageWrapper(\'/list\');">'
        + this.lang['userMenuList']
        + '</a></li>'
        + '<li><a href="javascript:ajaxChat.insertMessageWrapper(\'/action \');">'
        + this.lang['userMenuAction']
        + '</a></li>'
        + '<li><a href="javascript:ajaxChat.insertMessageWrapper(\'/roll \');">'
        + this.lang['userMenuRoll']
        + '</a></li>'
        + '<li><a href="javascript:ajaxChat.insertMessageWrapper(\'/nick \');">'
        + this.lang['userMenuNick']
        + '</a></li>'

in the above option find the menu item which you want to remove and then remove it from starting li element to end of li elements. save the file and you did it.