how to change the default pagination in wordpress

how to change the default pagination in wordpress?

Default Pagination Setting WordPress.

When you are working with the wordpress and you need pagination for the category page, it will list all the post and then give option for older entries, when you use WP-PageNavi plugin then its give option to set the pages and records per page. today i work with this and getting tired but pagination will work for 10 records per page, even i set 5 records per page in the WP-PageNavi plugin its do the pagination using 10 records per page. if you are facing same problem then i have solution for default pagination in wordpress. please follow below steps:

1) Go to Setting and then click on the reading, it will open wp-admin/options-reading.php page.
2) Now set Blog pages show at most to the number of records you need on the page.
3) Also set Syndication feeds show the most recent as you need it on the page.

Hope you enjoy the pagination.