character sets in html document

When we create any html page first we need to set the character set because browser need to know which character set used for the page to display the html page correctly.

world wide character set is ASCII character set, because its use alphabet in uppercase and lowercase, numeric numbers 0-9 and some special character. Now a day almost all new browser use ISO-8859-1 character set. If you want to change the character set then you need to define it in the <meta> tag.

Below is the list of the character set which is generally use in html page, you can use any character set as per your requirement.

Character set Description Covers
ISO-8859-1 Latin alphabet part 1 North America, Western Europe, Latin America, the Caribbean, Canada,
ISO-8859-2 Latin alphabet part 2 Eastern Europe
ISO-8859-3 Latin alphabet part 3 SE Europe, Esperanto, miscellaneous others
ISO-8859-4 Latin alphabet part 4 Scandinavia/Baltics (and others not in ISO-8859-1)
ISO-8859-5 Latin/Cyrillic part 5 The languages that are using a Cyrillic alphabet such as Bulgarian,
Belarusian, Russian and Macedonian
ISO-8859-6 Latin/Arabic part 6 The languages that are using the Arabic alphabet
ISO-8859-7 Latin/Greek part 7 The modern Greek language as well as mathematical symbols derived from
the Greek
ISO-8859-8 Latin/Hebrew part 8 The languages that are using the Hebrew alphabet
ISO-8859-9 Latin 5 part 9 The Turkish language. Same as ISO-8859-1 except Turkish characters
replace Icelandic ones
ISO-8859-10 Latin 6 Lappish, Nordic, Eskimo The Nordic languages
ISO-8859-15 Latin 9 (aka Latin 0) Similar to ISO 8859-1 but replaces some less common symbols with the
euro sign and some other missing characters
ISO-2022-JP Latin/Japanese part 1 The Japanese language
ISO-2022-JP-2 Latin/Japanese part 2 The Japanese language
ISO-2022-KR Latin/Korean part 1 The Korean language

There is one more character set named UTF-8 which is more useful, if you are using multiple language in your site then you should use UTF-8 character set.

UTF-8 : UTF8 character set is 4 bytes long. UTF-8 character set  can represent any language character in the unicode standard.