e-commerce company Flipkart start same day delivery in india across 10 cities.

Flipkart launched same day delivery services of all products in 10 major cities of India. This is one of the big changes in service sector industry. Flipkart launched this service for all of their customer who order it online at their e-commerce portal and choose to get delivery in one of the following city.

1) Bangalore
2) Mumbai
3) Delhi
4) Noida
5) Gurgaon
6) Navi Mumbai
7) Kolkata
8) Thane
9) Faridabad
10) Manesar

You are living in any one of the above city than you get delivery on the same day when you order it in Flipkart e-commerce portal. Customers who place order before 11:59 AM on Flipkart have their orders delivered before or at 9:00 PM on the same day. Flipkart is the first company which delivered your order on the same day.

Since last few years, internet is rapidly grown and people are more and more interested to spend their time on internet. Social networking, News, Blog and e-commerce sites are major surfing sites by most of the users. Many people spend time on surfing and find good deals on many web-sites, also they find some discount coupon which is used to buy particular product on e-commerce web-site with huge discount. eBay, Amazon and Flipkart are most popular web-sites for e-commerce.

Flipkart is an indian e-commerce web-site launched in 2007 by sachin and binny bansal. Flipkart is very popular in India in few days of its launching. Flipkartā€™s headquarter is in Bangalore (Known as IT city, because there are lots of IT company in this city), Karnataka in India.

Same day delivery from Flipkart

Same day delivery from Flipkart

This service is not available in free shipping, if you need your product on same day than you have to pay Rs 200 extra as shipping charges. This service is just launched, because of that there is introductory offer and you get 30% discount in this shipping charges which means you have to pay Rs. 140 for this service. Flipkart give guaranteed delivery service, which mean if you do not receive your delivery on same day than company will refund the full amount of shipping charges as well as you get the product at free of cost if its cost is under Rs. 5,000.

Sources: flipkart.com
Images: flipkart.com