use nearby friends to share your exact location with all your friends, new feature nearby friends launch by Facebook


I hope that you aware about the Facebook and its share post, share status or share location in the news feed of Facebook page.

Facebook launch new service named nearby friends to share your exact location with all your friends. You had shared your location in the past on Facebook timeline which use your smartphone’s GPS system. GPS system is very good to identify your location but if you aware than that is share nearby popular location. I mean you were not able to share exact location, its share well known location nearby.

Facebook launch new service called Nearby Friends. Once you turn on the nearby service than facebook will show all the nearby friends on your location. No need to share or broadcast your location on the timeline. Using this new service you can see how many friends near your location.

Once you enable the nearby friends service in your facebook account than your friends can see where you are located. Its shows your exact location place like airport, train station, national park or any particular mall. Facebook launch this service because people use more popular location-based mobile dating apps.  Drawback of this feature is, by default your shared location is available for one hour only and its show all nearby friends who is in half mile radius only.

This feature is very useful to find your friends, you can share your location and your friends can see that where exactly you are. If you plan to share the cab or taxi than you can find your partner using this nearby service.  You can also share your location that you are near some game zone and want to play game but looking for friend or partner. Once you share your location than your friend can see that, and they will be there in few minutes. Parents can keep watch and tracked their children using this nearby friends service. There are lots of ways to use the technology but it’s depending on your requirement and use of feature.  If we talk regarding the privacy than this feature is not good, because others know where you are even you don’t want to share it.