How to save battery life of your smartphone like iPhone and Samsung galaxy

All the smartphone users facing with the issue of their smartphones life, this is not how long your battery need replacement but how long your battery life between charges. When you use smartphone then there is lots of application and function running, which is major issue of battery, discharged early compare to all other non-smart phone.

save battery life of your smartphone

save battery life of your smartphone

There are few ways which will be useful to make your smartphone’s battery life longer compare to normal use of your smartphone.

One of the major battery consumption is brightness of your smartphone screen, if you turn down the brightness of your smartphone screen than it’s helpful to save battery life, also set the setting to turn off your screen if ideal for 30 seconds.

Use wi-fi when available rather than cellular data plan. Also turn off your radio, music player, GPS, Bluetooth when not in use. Turn off your notification of alerts and updates, smartphone pings mail server for new messages periodically for notification which will consume your battery life. You can pull all your mails when you need to read it.

Update your smartphone software when available because development team works on bug fix and power management. Keep setting of your software updated automatically in your smartphone settings. Keep your phone in room temperatures. Sometime people keep their phone on car desk or top of the appliance whose surface is hot. Always keep your phone in room temperatures.

Your smartphone will lose battery life faster when you using some application like playing game, listening music while surfacing, watching movies or video. All this application consumes more battery than other application. When you are not using your apps than make sure you closed it, otherwise that application will be running in the background and consume your battery. Always closed open application after use it and lock your phone when not in use.

Apply All the above tips and you can see that your smartphone save battery life longer than before.

Image Source: Google