Google, Apple announce plans to enter smart home market

The way you have been operating your home appliances, lights and security systems is set to change if bids by Google and Apple to enter the smart home business come to fruition. In a couple of weeks, be prepared to discover how you can automate various systems and appliances in your home.

According to credible reports, their is a planned takeover of Dropcam by Nest, a company that has been in the business of making thermostats. Nest is owned by Google Inc. After the deal, the Google-owned company will then venture into making cameras that enable you to stream footage from your home right into your car or other compatible devices. Its just early this year when Google bought Nest for a whooping sum of $ 3.2 billion.

Google and Apple announce plans to enter smart home market

Google and Apple announce plans to enter smart home market

Other than Google, Apple is another tech giant that is set to revolutionize home systems. If the reports by The Financial Times that the tech giant will be taking advantage of its Worldwide Developers Conference, to be held next week, to discuss its new smart home platform is anything to go by, then all you can expect is a whole new dimension of living.

The tech giant, it is reported, will be looking for ways of making users of its iPhones use their devices as remotes that enable them to control the security systems, lights as well as other household appliances. That means that you can monitor activities in your home round the clock even from the comfort of your office or offshore tour.

Whether or not these new technologies will come to pass is just a matter of time as there are also other companies rushing to have their footprints on the smart home business. Be sure to have your dream smart home once the plans by the two tech giants are successfully implemented.

Source: USA Today
Image Source: Google