What is WordPress?

WordPress is an Open Source project, Today lots of people use WordPress to make their web-sites, the reason of this is its free open source. it means you can download WordPress from the site totally free and install it, once you install it on your server then need to integrate the theme. by default WordPress provide 2 or 3 free themes but if you do not like that then there is many free themes available on the internet, so you download that and install it. you can integrate custom themes but you need developer for integration. i am also freelance developer, so you can contact me as well.i have expert level in the WordPress.

When WordPress started  at that time its just a blogging system, as people aware on this then WordPress used as full content management system and so much, there are thousands of plugins,widgets and themes available in WordPress, and its totally free and because of that people use it more. you can make shopping cart as well in the WordPress. thousands of developers are working on the WordPress system and make the system updated everyday, so new featured are available everyday in the WordPress.